Parkland Green at East Coast Parkway

Parkland Green is a 4ha commercial development intentionally designed low-key in terms of massing; it is slender and elongated with the building height kept low with respect to the context of the site being in a park against the backdrop of the beach. The staggered buildings were planned to clearly delineate utilitarian spaces such as as the car park, from the more meaningful public spaces fronting the beach.  Substantial public spaces such as the side lawn and front hardscape-decks were created to support recreational activities.

In 2017, the project was awarded Universal Design (UD) Mark GOLD-plus by BCA.


. . . NParks has done a good job at Parkland Green in choosing a good mix of tenants that complement each other. Our business has been growing every day.” . . .

. . . The new developments have brought uncertainty for some, as well as the loss of dearly held landmarks for many. But some people welcome the changes.  . . .  a housewife who walks in the park once a week, said: “I like Parkland Green and its sprawling architecture. It’s much nicer than the usual clustered buildings in Singapore.

The Straits Times on June 19, 2015, with the headline ‘Waves of change at East Coast Park’

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