Our Profile

SHING DESIGN ATELIER PTE LTD was founded in 1995 with a visionary approach to architecture, emphasizing innovation in spatial utilization and material utilization. The core principle of our design philosophy lies in the integration of all elements and disciplines.

Our unwavering dedication to design excellence and professionalism is rooted in the belief that architecture acts as a medium to convey the clients’ needs and aspirations in a lasting manner. Our capacity to comprehend and empathize with our clients’ ambitions empowers us to offer inventive and cost-effective solutions that prioritize the integrity of design in the presentation of space, technology, and materials. This commitment to excellence led Shing Design Atelier to receive the URA Heritage Award for two distinct projects, one in 2009 and another more recently in 2015.

In addition to architectural consulting, our firm is actively involved in master planning, project feasibility assessments, conservation efforts, interior design, space planning, project management, and even wayfinding/signage-related consulting. We have successfully led multidisciplinary teams in Design-and-Build projects, always striving for a comprehensive interdisciplinary approach to find integrated solutions for all our projects.